D23 Think Tank – Must See Media

Have you read a book, seen a film or heard a podcast that you would like to share with others. Email details to Zonta Says NOW and it will be added to the list!

FilmBreath of Life, our future, our planetUSA documentary DVD
FilmThe Need to Grow, save the soil, save the worldWon 5 best documentary film awards
FilmWoman at WarA powerful entertaining film from Iceland
FilmKnock Down the HouseDocumentary of four women, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, challenging for seats in Congress
BookAll we can saveCollection of climate essays and poetry
Book Dark EmuExplores pioneers diaries and cites evidence of pre-colonial agriculture, engineering and building construction by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
VideoLet’s go for gold AustraliaClimate Council’s video on sport and climate change with elite athletes including Amy Steel (2.5 minutes)
VideoThe Little Issue10-year-old Matilda Goodbourn is interviewed by Amy Tsilemanis on how she set up the Little Issue (10 minutes)
VideoWhen Will She Be RightUN Women’s campaign video – aim to get 100 years of gender equality progress in ten years ie by 2030. (1minute 49 seconds)
VideoHands On: Women, Climate, ChangeThis collaborative documentary offers unique perspectives on climate change and environmental activism across cultures and generations, from a young woman challenging the expansion of oil rigs in the North Sea, to a seasoned community organizer interpreting satellite weather reports for fishermen struggling to survive on India’s increasingly volatile coast. (2014)  (48 minutes)