2. How do we lead by example?

Are you a consumer or a citizen?  What is the difference? A consumer makes a purchase for short term gratification – a citizen thinks about the impact of the purchase before making it.

When buying or using finite resources, we can help reduce emissions by pausing to think about :

  • Where our household energy comes from;
  • Whether we go straight for the car keys or consider walking, cycling, using public transport, or car-sharing first;
  • The air miles and emissions associated with our food and clothing choices.  

With some simple steps that do not impact on our lifestyle, we can collectively make a HUGE emission reduction. Why not challenge yourself to:

  • use less plastic
  • purchase wisely
  • minimise waste
  • eat less meat
  • plant more trees!
RAC Victoria17 eco-friendly swaps for single-use plastics
Tesla 3 Review
Sue Lees from ZC Melbourne-on-Yarra shares her first hand Tesla experience.
From regenerative braking, and recharging to the delights of ‘dog mode’, Sue
provides a straightforward review of the pros and cons of her electric vehicle.


The 5 Rs Guide

This handy guide shows you how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink and Repair and be part of the solution to a sustainable future. Bronwen Haywood, from the Zonta Club of Central Goldfields in Victoria, collated the information for this leaflet.

Every Woman’s Guide to Saving the Planet

Book and website: Every Woman’s Guide to Saving the Planet. This was written by the founder of the 1 Million Women movement, Natalie Isaacs, and is an excellent primer. Through 1 Million Women, you can participate in challenges and keep tabs on your emission reductions!

Plastic Free

Book and website: Plastic Free by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and Joanna Atherfold Finn. This is the book that describes the history of Plastic Free July. This movement started with one woman working in recycling education in a WA local government. She decided to go plastic-free for one month and asked her friends to join her. Today over 250 million people from around the world have joined up to this program.

The Fight for Planet A

TV Program: The Fight for Planet A ABC TV series explores our choices with energy, transport, and food. It tells a serious message, but in an amusing way!

The War on Waste

TV Program: This second ABC TV series of War on Waste sees Craig Reucassel target plastic water bottles, straws, e-waste, fast furniture, food waste and the recycling crisis.