Sustainable Living

Think Tank members often come across products that advertise ‘green credentials’. We don’t have the resources to check out claims made, but they do make us think about the products we buy. Have a look at these sites for more information about products as well as tips on how to live more sustainably.

Remember to check out the One Million Women’s Love Earth Marketplace.

Bamboo ToothbrushesBamkiki
Bamboo toilet paper, tissues
50% o profits used to build toilets
Who gives a crap?
An alternative to panty liners
$5 buys an item for women’s organisation
Sustainable homewaresThe Sustainable Life
Toxin-free sustainable livingGo for Zero
Bulk foodsThe Source Bulk Food Stores
Donate spectacle frames to support
Fred Hollows Foundation / Lions
Cleaning products in recycled containersZero Co
A social enterprise that supports womenSister Works
Carbon footprint trackerAerial
Measure your carbon footprintClimate Clever
Reusable, biodegradable and eco-friendly productsMy Humble Earth

Lifestyle tipWeblink
Tips for hosting a Plastic-Free ChristmasAustralian Marine Conservation Society

Accreditation schemes

There are a host of accreditation schemes where companies can be independently assessed for their emission reduction/social responsibility claims. We will provide an overview of these schemes in the coming months.

What’s your view?

Should we be considering advocating for carbon emission labelling on products?