The Future We Choose

The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis has been the inspiration behind this Zonta Says NOW project. Zontians taking their first steps towards climate awareness and action will enjoy this book. 

Christiana Figueres, a former diplomat from Costa Rica, headed up the UN Paris climate conference and is a total inspiration.  She explains that building gender equity is an important part of the climate solution:

Educating young women and empowering women to come to decision-making tables is the strongest thing that we can do for the climate. When there are more women in boardrooms and in high-level positions in institutions, you get decisions that are wiser and longer-term.

Christiana Figueres

The book is set out in three sections.

In the first section, Christiana and co-author Tim Rivett-Carnac describe two possible future worlds. One shows what will happen if we carry on as we areā€”the other shows what we can create if we look after our world.

In the second section, the authors suggest changing our mindsets to create the future we choose. We learn about stubborn optimism, endless abundance and radical regeneration.

The final chapters are based on ‘doing what is necessary’. They describe ten very do-able actions – including building gender equality – to achieve a future that we would want to live in.