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All we want for Christmas…is a sustainable world

The Jacarandas are blooming and this is a reminder that Christmas is nearly upon us in Australia. Zontians have been sharing their ideas about sustainable shopping for this festive season. 

Eloise suggests to think about:

  • Packaging – select items with minimal or no plastic wrapping.
  • The longevity of the product – avoid single-use products and also ask yourself, “Is this something low value and likely to be discarded or left unused within a year?”
  • Provenance/source of the product – is it manufactured locally?  If it is not something made by club members themselves, e.g. the Zonta Club of Central Goldfield’s delicious shortbread, is there an opportunity to support some of the many social enterprises that support women or migrants such as SisterWorks

Carole believes that the best presents are those that help women and girls.  She gives donations in the recipient’s name to the Zonta Foundation for Women’s Endowment Fund to help future generations and purchases tickets to Zonta Club events.  She is also trying to wrap family presents this year using re-usable fabrics such as heirloom linen, tea towels, pillowcases, and ribbons.

Sandra and Sharon noted that One Million Women has just created a LoveEarth Marketplace where you can discover brands, organisations and community groups that are providing solutions to help us all live climate action in every aspect of our lives. 

Val’s family and friends have been telling her about Zeroco that reuses ocean waste products to make recycled plastic containers for re-fillable home cleaning and personal care products.  They also found Aeriel where you can track your carbon emissions, and that also offers ways to offset your carbon footprint.  

It is amazing what you can find when you start looking. Some councils also promote apps such as ClimateClever to help you control your climate footprint.

Let us know what tips and products have caught your eye so we can find out more about them. 

Check out our 5Rs of Waste Management leaflet and be part of the solution for a sustainable future.

Best wishes for the holiday season!
Don’t forget to reuse your Christmas decorations to reduce your carbon footprint.  When they eventually need replacing, choose environmentally friendly options.